Protecting Your Self-Esteem Bubble

Protecting Your Self-Esteem Bubble

If you can't feel the love, be the love.

Love, and actually any positive emotion or feeling, is not something you get from other people. Yes, the people around you can be loving and kind, but if that disappears as they get caught up in their own worlds temporarily and you feel lost without it, then it's time to reset those expectations!


Highly valuing the opinions of others (a main trait of codependency) can lead to feeling as if the only love or acceptance you can have is something that needs to come from others, in the form of a positive opinion of you or physical actions that show they care. You might feel like if no one is voicing positive thoughts about you then those thoughts don't exist at all. But I have two things to tell you.

1) What other people think of you is none of your business and is entirely based in a need to control, even though it never was or will be in your control at all. Imagine that everyone has a bubble around them. You decide what happens in your bubble, but the energy in other people's bubbles is for them and only them to have any influence upon. Look after your bubble!

2) Self-love is the first step to moving from feeling love, to being love. Choose acceptance, and live in the solution.

Ground yourself in the present moment. What are you grateful for?

Take in everything that is alive around you.

When you find the love you have within yourself, it takes nothing away from you to share it. How it is taken is again none of your business. Once you have chosen to give something out of your bubble, it is for other people to take and react to it as they wish. If someone's bubble is filled with negative energy, judgement, or hatred, is that really a space you want to try and push yourself into? If you can rely on self-love and self-care every day then you will not need to re-manage your expectations of receiving it from others.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Choose love over fear, every single day, and protect your self-esteem bubble. Only you have the power to decide what gets let in and what is given out.

Sending love and light to you all,

Ally x

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