10 Uplifting People to Surround Yourself With on Instagram

10 Uplifting People to Surround Yourself With on Instagram

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most amount of time with”

Who’s heard that phrase before?

I think it’s true to a certain extent, but how much time do you spend on social media? More time than you do with your friends, family or colleagues in person? For someone who works from home, this is often true for me (especially so considering my job largely involves the use of social media).

So let me ask you this: who are the people you see, read or watch the most content from online? Over the past year I’ve realised just how important it is to surround yourself with the right people offline and online. Do you follow a lot of models who make you feel insecure about your own body? Do you follow people with a lot more money or far more ‘luxurious’ lifestyles than you? Following these kinds of people can be a good thing if it inspires you in a positive way, but if it makes you feel less than, worthless or anything negative, I think it’s time to change your online environment.

Climbing Stairs in Spain

Believe it or not, there are a few influencers out there who strive to (and genuinely do) have a positive influence on the people that follow them. They share the ups, the downs, and everything in between. They break up social media’s highlight reel and are still inspiring and uplifting at the same time. They remind you of how worthy you are. They are people you can relate to in one way or another.

In no particular order, these are my favourite people to follow on Instagram.

Alyse Brautigm

This little ray of sunshine is so filled with light that it just radiates out of her. Known largely by her brand name - Raw Alignment - Alyse shares so much honesty, faith and love through her posts on Instagram. She speaks a lot about food, fitness and health from the inside, having a positive mindset, manifesting your dreams and shares her low points too. Not to mention she has a seriously adorable puppy called Psilo, who also has an Instagram account which I’d totally recommend you follow!

Hannah Cluley

Hannah is incredible. She’s a yoga teacher and trainer who spreads an amazing amount of love and honesty on Instagram. She’s a brilliant person to follow if you struggle with body positivity and self-love, and she shares photos of herself often - without slimming herself down with a photo editing app of some sort. Hannah also speaks a lot about mental health, feminism and being a woman, and ways to help the environment. Love love love!

Fab Giovanetti

Fab is the superwoman behind the Health Bloggers Community. She shares all things health, fitness and happiness, with a little spirituality too. Her smile is contagious and uplifting, and is loved by many (including myself). She also has a book coming out soon titled Make An Impact which is something for all of you influencers and entrepreneurs to keep an eye out for!

Kitty Underhill

This empowering woman is a model, fighting diet culture and encouraging body acceptance with every one of her posts. She has helped me countless times in more ways than I’m sure she knows, and deserves all of the love in the world. I genuinely think that Kitty is someone everyone could do with following.

Yahya Bakkar

Yahya is a public speaker, businessman, talented entrepreneur, people-motivator and family man. Every one of his posts on Instagram is insightful, encouraging, relatable and inspiring. I’d recommend you follow him if you’re a budding entrepreneur who needs some extra expertise, insights and above all, energy.

Jovi Fawn

Jovi, also known by her username Earth Fawn, is an empowering woman in the eyes of many. She shares her love for and connection to nature regularly, and shares a lot about womanhood and self-love too. She is gentle and peaceful - this comes through in all of her posts. Jovi also has another Instagram account specifically to honour the feminine spirit in a loving community - The Priestess Collective.

Mary Jelkovsky

Gosh, I LOVE everything that this woman shares. She is an ex bikini competitor who soon noticed how much of a grip her eating disorder had over her. She now shares all things body positivity and is an inspiration to many women struggling with food, fitness or body image. Mary also runs retreats and is a self-love and confidence coach.

Mollie Bylett

Mollie is a travel blogger, known well by her brand name Where’s Mollie?, who I’ve been following for years. I’ve actually been following her on Instagram since she was pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter! She of course mainly posts about travel in all corners of the world, but also shares positive quotes and is very open about her regular counselling sessions and mental health which I love. Again, she is a woman who shows a huge amount of courage, dedication to her passion, and honesty about the ups and the downs in life. She has come a long way on her journey as an entrepreneur and I could go on forever about all of the things she does.

Andrea Brown

Also known by her username Eat With Andy, Andy is an Australian foodie with a love-filled soul. She’s a vegan (hell yeah!) and shares so much positivity and many self-care reminders. Again, I’ve been following her for years and she is still as inspiring and welcoming as ever!


Laura is someone I can relate to a lot - something that I think is important when you’re choosing who to follow online. You might know her by Mango and Bliss. She has a lot of plants which I absolutely love, considering I have my own ever-growing jungle in my bedroom! She’s also a foodie and self-love advocate who shares about PCOS, anxiety and finding a work-life balance. Her happiness and honesty is always great to see whenever I’m on Instagram.

I also urge you to unfollow anyone online who makes you feel less than, and of course to follow everyone listed above! Who would you add to that list?

Sending love and light,

Ally x

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