eBook - You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe

eBook - You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe


The version of You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe is a 53-page eBook filled with 555 affirmations and positive reinforcements, specifically written to help with negative emotions. The contents are the same as in the physical book.

The number 555, spiritually, signifies that change is occurring and that the universe is moving things around.

This book aims to help you deal with each negative emotion in a more positive, accepting and calm way instead of letting your mind spiral with negative thought patterns and go into self-destruction mode.

If, for example, you feel that your life is often filled with fear or that fear limits your personal growth, then you may go to the page for 'Frightened' in the book and read the affirmations listed, such as 'I do not struggle against the present moment, I accept it for what it is' or 'I never apologise for being myself'. The affirmations that resonate with you the most are the ones you should practice by reading them aloud and writing them down regularly.

You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe begins with an opening chapter that explains what affirmations and positive reinforcements are, as well as why and how you might use them.

I am so incredibly grateful for every kind and supportive message I have received since announcing this book, and it makes me smile knowing that you are excited to read something that was initially only written to help myself. I cannot wait for all of you beautiful souls to hold this little piece of my heart and watch your worlds change.

With love,

Ally x

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