Nut Butter and Coconut Chocolate Truffle Bites

Nut Butter and Coconut Chocolate Truffle Bites

This is a recipe in development, as it tastes insane (like beyond-your-wildest-foodie-dreams kind of insane) but is pretty difficult to make if you choose to stuff them as photographed! If you’re up for a slight challenge, keep reading. If you prefer easier recipes, keep an eye out for the second version of this one or simply make the truffles without stuffing them.

These truffles are perhaps my new favourite thing, because they’re bursting with flavour and are incredibly creamy. Add in the fact that they are solid at room temperature but melt between your fingers and these suddenly become what could potentially be the greatest vegan truffles of all time.

Yep, I said it, and after trying this recipe out I hope you feel the same! They’re totally worth the extra effort, in my opinion.

Nut Butter and Coconut Chocolate Truffle Bite - Ally The Earthling

Ingredients (makes approx. 10 truffles)

250ml (1/2 cup) coconut cream

90g (1/2 cup) dark chocolate, chopped

1/2 tsp maple syrup

2 tbsp cacao powder

2 tbsp almond butter

Extras (optional)

3 tbsp almond butter - to fill the truffles with

2 tbsp chopped almonds - to top the truffles with


1. Add all of the ingredients (excluding the extras) to a saucepan and heat on low until fully melted and combined. Use either a wooden spoon or a whisk to stir, and do not add in any extra ingredients midway through (the mixture of temperatures will mess with the process!).

2. It is likely that the mixture will look a little separated, so if this happens to yours, then blitz it all in a small food processor or blender whilst it’s still all melted, until it’s smooth.

3. Transfer the mixture to a small bowl, briskly stir it again with a teaspoon if needed, and leave it in a cool place (but not the fridge or freezer).

4. If you’re going to fill the truffles with the almond butter, line a small baking tray or plate and place 1/4-tsp-sized dollops of the almond butter a few centimeters apart from each other on it. Put the tray in the freezer and let the almond butter freeze.

5. Now this is the tricky part… the timing. For the next 1-2 hours, go and stir the mixture with a teaspoon again every 10 minutes, and after 45 minutes be sure to up this to every 5 minutes. I know it’s a little annoying, but you need to wait until the mixture is solid enough to roll into balls but not so solid that you can’t get it out of the pot, and the stirring is so that the mixture doesn’t separate and solidify like that!

6. When you think the mixture is solid enough to roll into balls, prepare a plate or tray to put them on. Carve out about 1-2 tsp of mixture at a time with a spoon, and very quickly roll it into a ball with your hands. And I mean very quickly (2-3 seconds), otherwise it’ll melt and you’ll lose half of the mixture. If you’re filling the truffles with almond butter, taking the tray out of the freezer and when you’re making the truffles, mould the chocolate mixture around the frozen almond butter pieces so that they’re in the centre. Both the truffles and the almond butter will warm up extremely quickly so be careful.

7. Once done, sprinkle some chopped almonds onto the truffles (optional) - you may need to slightly press them into the truffles - and then place them in the fridge to solidify.

8. When they’re solidified, you can serve them straight away or store them either in the fridge or just out at room temperature (covered).

9. Enjoy! And remember to keep an eye out for the easier version of this recipe if you’d prefer.

Sending love to you all,

Ally x

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