Time for a Challenge to Take You Higher Every Time You Speak

Time for a Challenge to Take You Higher Every Time You Speak

"To act out of love is to act from a vulnerable place where the heart is open and ready to give. Keeping the heart open and giving love is a great feat. When we do small things from this place of openness and love, it changes the giver and the receiver. Imagine if we each did one small thing every day with love from our open hearts." - Emily Silva

I have a challenge for you!

Choose love over fear today... in everything you do. Everyone you interact with. Whether it's for 2 seconds or a few hours, choose love over fear.

Choose to be grateful, to compliment someone, to celebrate every little achievement.

Tell yourself how awesome you are, and remember you are always in control of your own universe, no matter what might be going on around you.

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading a book titled ‘The Mastery of Love’ by don Miguel Ruiz. It’s all about learning how to love in relationships, whether it’s in the relationship you have with your partner, your mother, your father, your friends, your siblings or most importantly with yourself.

Ruiz writes about how in any relationships, you can only be responsible for your half of it. If you try to control or change the other half of a relationship, there is bound to be tension that is felt by both yourself and the other person. Perhaps you have an idea of what a mother should be like, but yours doesn’t quite fit it. You might try to change her, influence her, control her, be passive aggressive towards her… just to get what you experience to fit a little more closely with the perfect image or values you have in your head.

You aren’t happy because she doesn’t do what you expect her to, and she isn’t happy because you try to change her in some ways.

But what if you were to choose to love, instead? What if you said, “well actually, she is the way she is, she has her own things in life to deal with, she’s on her personal journey… just the same as I am.”?

To love someone but also to love yourself means that you are taking responsibility for your half of the relationship. This also means that you are able to set healthy boundaries in place that show the love and respect you have for yourself and for others. If someone is hurting you, you don’t need to hate them to walk away. If you feel like you do, this might be because you feel as if you are more 'in control’ that way, or that you are superior to them. But instead, you just need to be accepting, put a healthy boundary in place, and walk away.

Acceptance, and admitting your powerlessness, is a form of love that shows incredible strength.

So next time you feel tension in a relationship, you feel yourself trying to control, you give advice when it isn’t asked for, or someone hasn’t met your expectations…

Choose love over fear. Choose acceptance over control. Choose peace over anger. And choose boundaries over unnecessary pain.

Start today, and share love in any way you know how with everyone you speak to.

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