Chocolate N'ice Cream & Chia Jars

Chocolate N'ice Cream & Chia Jars

N'ice cream (noun)

Banana ice cream. The ultimate vegan breakfast. A perfect example of vegan genius, or what some would call magic.

It is so simple to make and you can always count on it to cool you down in the summer months (or after a workout)! Yes, I know it's now September, but as the warm days still seem to be hanging around I couldn't resist squeezing in just one more lot of n'ice cream for breakfast.

If you've never tried n'ice cream then this blog post is for you! Or if you're up for a new breakfast jar recipe then you'll no doubt love this too. Here's to vegan alchemy!

Chocolate N'ice Cream & Chia Jars

Ingredients (serves two)

3 bananas, sliced and frozen

4 tbsp chia seeds

150g soya yogurt

150ml almond milk

1 banana, sliced once in half length-ways, and once in half width-ways

1 tbsp cocoa powder

50ml almond milk

40g dark chocolate, chopped



1. Freeze the three, sliced bananas overnight if you haven't already.

2. Combine the chia seeds, yogurt and 150ml almond milk in a bowl and set aside for 10-15 minutes to thicken.

3. Stick the sliced (non-frozen) banana to the insides of the two jars as pictured above.

4. In a food processor or powerful blender, combine the frozen banana, cocoa powder and 50ml almond milk until you get the texture of ice cream. You will most likely need to stop the food processor/blender every minute to scrape down the sides. Have patience with this step!

5. Assemble the jars by pouring half of the chia mix into each jar, followed by the n'ice cream mixture, and then top with the chopped chocolate.

6. Enjoy straight away!

Chocolate N'ice Cream & Chia Jars

If you give this recipe a go I'd love to see your creations! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can give them all a share.

Love, Ally x

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