A Huge Announcement!

A Huge Announcement!

This has been a secret for about 5 months, and wow it feels like I’ve been holding it in forever…

I’m self-publishing my first book !!

This is the biggest and most exciting thing I think I have ever done. And honestly, I’ve been absolutely terrified at multiple times along the way throughout this journey, from having the idea in the first place to clicking ‘order’ online and spending real money on something that I hope will work out well.

But I’ve had all of the signs from the universe that it will.

I am so proud of myself for going through with this project and I cannot wait for you all to see it, read it, and watch your worlds change. It will be released at the beginning of October, so keep an eye out and spread the word!

Wanna see the cover?

You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe - Ally Guppy

About This Book

Titled You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe, this is a book filled with 555 affirmations and positive reinforcements for emotions. The number 555, spiritually, signifies that change is occurring and that the universe is moving things around.

If you have (or haven’t) heard of affirmations but aren’t sure what they are or what they’re used for, head over to this blog post and have a read.

Every affirmation and positive reinforcement - both explained in the book - is written specifically for a negative emotion, with the aim of helping the reader deal with that negative emotion in a more positive, accepting and calm way.

The affirmations will gradually alter your mindset when difficult situations arise. The number of self-destructive and negative thoughts will lessen, and the number of proactive, empowering and positive thoughts will increase until they become your reaction in those difficult or low points in your life.

I created all of the illustrations, text and design work on my own, and the entire book was created from start to finish whilst I was in the final three months of writing my dissertation at university. It was my outlet, and was initially written purely for myself. Note: it had absolutely nothing to do with my dissertation whatsoever, and was a fairly mad project to be taking on considering the timing.

I will share more about the journey of these love-filled pages soon, but for now, thank you so much to each and every one of you beautiful souls - you have been an integral part of my life over the past couple of years. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your support from all over the world. You will be able to hold this little piece of my heart from the beginning of October, so keep an eye out for its [imminent] release!

I love all that you are, and I hope you love this book, too.

You Are In Control Of Your Own Universe - Ally Guppy - Inside Cover Quote

Sending love and light,

Ally x

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