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Ally Guppy, otherwise known as Ally The Earthling, is a vegan food and spirituality blogger based in Oxford in the UK.

Before finding herself in the blogging industry, Ally’s life was filled to the brim with music whether she was singing, playing the guitar, teaching herself new instruments or touring with an orchestra as a clarinettist. It was a hobby that she loved, and was certain that her life would revolve around it forever. Taking a break was rare however and she continuously pushed herself to achieve more, both with her music practice and in academia. She performed often as a singer despite being incredibly shy, but couldn’t get over her stage fright no matter how many gigs she played.

When Ally moved to a different city at sixth form for a much needed change of scenery, her confidence sky-rocketed thanks to new friends and connections. She began writing spoken word poetry to channel her anxieties and any anger that she’d held in for a lot of her life. With help and opportunities from the Oxford-based charity The Young Women’s Music Project, Ally performed her spoken word poetry regularly with no stage fright at all, including performances at Common People Festival, WO-man-ITY, Cowley Road Carnival, BBC Introducing and more. As she continued to explore her love for the music industry, Ally made various connections that led her to study Music Business at The Academy of Contemporary Music. She wanted to learn more about what went on behind the scenes of successful artists’ careers.

In the summer before going to university, Ally found herself stuck in a bad relationship with food. She had put so much of her attention on the way she looked in performances that she became convinced she needed to lose weight - sadly something that a lot of performers, and women in particular, feel pressured to do. Ally had seen fitness influencers on Instagram selling vegan ‘weight-loss’ meal plans, and over time began to associate veganism with weight-loss and fitness.

On her first day at university, Ally switched from having a few vegan meals a week to taking on a 100% vegan lifestyle. She struggled to find people that she could really connect with at university and her social anxieties slowly crept back in, on top of the negative body image she had of herself. Ally studied hard, and began getting into food photography and recipe creation in her spare time.

Being convinced that ‘veganism = weight-loss’ not matter what, Ally’s way of eating went downhill. Some days she would eat portions that were twice the size of what she used to have, and her ‘meals’ were comprised mostly of peanut butter with toast or porridge, chocolate smoothies, cakes, cookies, brownies, pancakes, stir fries and curries. On other days, she’d feel so guilty and have such low self-esteem that her eating went to the other end of the spectrum, where she’d hardly eat anything or nothing at all. She didn’t exercise much and unsurprisingly piled on the weight, but during this period of time Ally had got to know a few food bloggers in the vegan community through Instagram. They were welcoming and kind, and she began to learn about the ethical side to veganism through the content they shared on the platform.

Ally found a new compassion and love for animals and for Earth. It was through this that she realised she needed to treat herself in the same way - with kindness and love. The disordered eating mentality began to disappear, her confidence grew and she spoke to more and more people both online and at university. She began to share her experience with food on her blog and bought a few spirituality and self-growth books that had been recommended to her. Despite the difficulties she had with food and body image for most of her time at university, Ally graduated in 2018 with a First Class Honours Degree in Music Business and Innovation.

Today, Ally’s life is less about music and more about the food and wellness industries. On both Instagram and her website she shares wellness tips and information, vegan recipes that show the array of foods available, and that vegans eat (a whole lot) more than just lettuce. She focuses on self-love and compassion in her work and hopes to help any soul that needs a boost of self-confidence in their relationship with food or with their body image. Self-care and community is central to every piece of content that Ally shares.

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